About Eva

I started practicing Body Management and Touch For Health in 2002. Over the many years of balancing people I have become masterful in  my practice.  My unique and powerful ‘Body Balances’ provide remarkable outcomes and prove to be repeatable time and time again. By being absolutely present and listening to the needs and concerns of the people who come to see me I have developed a way to artfully design dynamic mind/body balances to best suit that person in attaining remarkable results.

My favorite part of the work I do is seeing the smiles on people’s faces, either from relief or amazement.

I am always learning and evolving and have a passion to share what I have learned. I take great pleasure in assisting people in alleviating pain, suffering and bringing back enjoyment and quality of life.

As a certified Touch for Health and Body Management Practitioner, it is my intention to empower and honor the people that come to see me. Over the many years of balancing people, I offer experience and expertise using these specific techniques.

I have since added to my practice Metabolic Nutritional Balancing.  This is a scientific systematic approach to restore balance to your body’s chemistry. By using the techniques I have learned it is allowing me to see the true cause of someones aliments and by this I can appropriately provide an eating plan according to their Metabolic Type and  use specialized supplements backed by scientific research to correct Metabolic Imbalances. This brings me such joy to be able to identify the true cause and witness the changes of transformation instead of working with symptoms by using the trial and error approach hoping there will be improvement.

The combined specialized, unique therapies of a ‘Body Balance and Metabolic Nutritional Balancing are transforming people on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and nutritional level to allow balance and harmony.