Description of a “Body Balance”

We will begin by discussing and identifying the issues you would like to change or transform and set an appropriate goal that best suits you and you feel you can accept. The session itself commences with you remaining fully clothed and lying comfortable face-up on a massage table. I will test neuromuscular integrity (biofeedback) by asking you to position an arm or leg in a certain way, and then to hold that position while I test using gentle pressure against the limb. There are 14 major muscles that are linked to the 12 organs and 14 meridians (electrical pathways) that I will be challenging. I will determine which muscles are locking and unlocking. That gives me an assessment of where the imbalances occur in the body and from there determine which technique is most appropriate for you. There are times, for example, when I am rubbing out a neurolymphatic and the pain is not subsiding, I know we need to address an emotion. Everything including our bodies and emotions are energy which has a unique frequency or vibrational energy. I release emotions using muscle monitoring that have been suppressed in the physical body and have manifested as dis-ease. If these emotions are not released, I would only be working with symptoms. When completed I will go back and recheck the 14 major muscles. They should all be locking in pertaining to your goal. This way you get to see and experience all the changes that have been made. This is immediate confirmation.