“The most profound therapy I have ever experienced.”

Neil Kaber


“Eva, I left your office after my first and only Body Management session free of the pain which had been present in my lower back for over 4 months and in my hip which had bothered me off and on for over a year. I was astounded! These issues are still resolved after many months. Thank you!”

J. Moon


“I have personally been to many practitioners who do energy healing but NEVER have I experienced anything as amazing as the energy work that Eva Rose does. The feeling of bliss I experienced after my sessions with her (as if my body, mind and spirit where finally working together) is difficult to put into words. I am sure that everyone will have their own personal experience, but be assured, you will not want that experience to end. I highly recommend her services to anyone who would like to improve their health, vitality and overall well-being! You will not regret it, I promise!

M. Waters


A few weeks ago, after years of off and on shoulder trouble, my right shoulder ‘froze’ — it was so inflamed that blood was not flowing properly which caused my hand to turn purple and was really painful. The doctor sent me for a cat scan to rule out blood clots or other scariness. Acupuncture the next day helped to decrease the swelling/pain and allowed me to move my arm a bit more (at least, if I was careful, I could dress myself). After a couple visits for acupuncture and physiotherapy, my shoulder was somewhat better but seemed far from healed/recovered and thankfully, that is when my friend Faye told me about Eva Rose (after having little success with physio therapy, Eva had helped Faye with her shoulder which had been hurt in an auto accident).

I was not at all sure what to expect. Eva tested my muscle responses and found a few things to work on as well as my shoulder. After the first visit, I left Eva’s office feeling lighter and more energized than I have felt in a good long while. My shoulder had a way better range of motion and barely hurt at all.

After my second visit (today) all pain is gone and my shoulder (as well as my back…) is feeling better than it has in years! Thank you, Eva!

Eva is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable. Her approach is very individualized (not one-size-fits-all). I wholeheartedly recommend Eva!



I would not have believed it if someone had told me what this amazing lady could do for me. I had to find out for myself, and I’m so happy I did, I feel so much better . Thank you so much for helping me! just amazing!!!!

John Keil


After a lifetime of vigorous athletic interests, I was left with numerous, what I learnt were, ‘body imbalances’. After unsuccessfully trying the regular ‘body mechanics’ to return to a stress free body, I discovered Eva Rose, who skillfully eliminated my unwanted stresses. I am most grateful!

Mike Whitney


I met this incredible lady at a trade show and booked an appointment right away! She chatted with me for just a few brief moments then she started her testing and found all sorts of issues in just a few moments and worked to help them. She is so knowledgeable and resourceful. She does not hesitate to grab her book to find the source of the pain that you notice. I was so amazed at how soon I noticed improvement with my ongoing hip and abdominal issues. This experience was unbelievable. I felt so much more balanced after the 1st treatment and even more awesome after the 3rd. She works on all levels- even helped to identify some missing vitamins in my body. I learned a lot. Thank you so much!

Verena Tarves


I went to have a treatment w/ Eva and was amazed at the results. I wasn’t expecting certain issues to come up but Eva dug it out and we cleared the problem and i am so relaxed about everything i just feel incredible. Thank -you so much.

Kennedy Court


I developed a pain in my left shoulder through the construction work I did and went to two different Chiropractors who “cracked” me several times, but never experienced more than a short relieve. The pain never went away for about a year and even got worse to the point that i couldn’t sit straight anymore.  Fortunately i met Eva and she worked on me for only 10 minutes,the pain magically disappeared within seconds and never came back!
Her understanding about how the human body works and how to identify the REAL problem goes far beyond anything i have ever seen.
Needless to say i went back several times for other issues i had. Her deep knowledge paired with her clean Intentions and absolute presence during her sessions produces remarkable Results!

Tilo Madsen


I was fortunate enough to make my initial connection with Authentic Rose Body Balancing while in Alberta. I was both surprised and delighted with the techniques that Eva suggested and demonstrated. I came away feeling indeed more balanced and with insight into what was actually going on with myself and my body. Eva’s knowledge of supplements and nutritional support is some of the best I have received. Her encouraging and insightful nature has supported me in becoming a better parent and a better person. I would recommend her services to anyone and encourage you to make the connection.

Katie O’Connor


Several weeks ago I decided to step outside my comfort zone and made an appointment to see Eva Rose. I am so very glad I did. For some reason I shared things with Eva that I have never told another soul. It was a very emotional as well as physical balancing that I experienced. I have been plagued by migraines for over 40 years and practically live on T3s. I am amazed to say I have not taken more than 6 tablets since my balancing. My body feels more inline, and my mind is clearer. I feel happier and definitely don’t stress like I used to. I could go on and on, but just want to say Thank You Eva Rose for helping me on the path to health & happiness.

Marlene Farrell


Eva Rose is amazing. I went for one appointment about 1.5 months ago. I have tried every treatment possible for a bad back and hips and nothing lasts more than a couple of weeks. So far, after the one treatment with Eva, my back and hips feel amazing. What is more amazing is my mental state. Eva addressed and treated a couple of physical issues I have been dealing with and advised they were from the kidneys and more mental than physical. After her treatment I was emotional and teary eyed and then after a few weeks I noticed I was feeling more positive about life and could see all the many blessings I have. I am just HAPPY. It was not a conscious change but just seemed to happen and I am absolutely positive it was due to Eva’s treatment. Thank you Eva!!!!

Cathy Martin


Eva is the best at what she does.
She is very professional, sensitive, intuitive and effective.
You will be surprised at the benefits of Eva’s work.

Tomas MacKenna


I have had back issues for years.  After one session with Eva I haven’t experienced ANY back pain and its been a few months.  You don’t have to fully understand how it works but it does.  Also,  Eva has such a caring, soothing way about her.  Eva is amazing at her job.  Give it a try and you won’t regret it.

Dawneen Robinson


I have to say it is quite amazing to wake up for the first time in years and not have pain in my pelvis, or center chest! Thank you!

Kerrieann K.


Eva is flat out amazing.  One of my friends says it’s like a biblical healing! She is gentle and caring and takes her time with you….so important in this day of overbooking.  I highly recommend her work….and her!  She is beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Melody Rae


Beautiful experience that is pure magic for the body and mind!  Will do this again.

Barb B.


I am 33. I went to Eva because I struggle with low iron (fatigue), psoriasis, weight-gain and arthritis. We’ve been working with on addressing my over-all gut health through supplements and slight modifications to my diet (increased healthy fats and decreased refined carbs). As a result I’ve lessened the need for my anti-inflammatory pills and iron pills. I have not used anything on my skin for years (as Drs recommend steroid creams for psoriasis and there are crazy side effects). After a short time working with her, my skin has cleared up drastically – as you can see in the pics. My energy levels have also increased tremendously. I used to fall asleep by 7:30 putting my son to bed – now I can stay up until 10pm. I’ve also lost about 9ilbs! I think I felt like crap so long that I forgot what healthy could feel like and am incredibly grateful for that.

Image may contain: 2 people, closeup
Racheal B.
I came to see Eva about a weak bladder (exponentially worse after 3 kids), & long history of sudden outbreaks of rage.
Interestingly, the first thing she said was that the two essentially stemmed from the same problem based on the Chinese meridians. After some assessment (primarily muscle testing), she asked if there had been an event in my life around age 14 where I had done something for or with someone that I hadn’t wanted to do. As soon as she said “age 14”, I knew exactly what she was talking about; I could feel it viscerally, like a punch in the guts. With some difficulty (&much embarrassment!), I relayed the story to Eva, & she helped me to “clear” the event.
She showed me that since that day, my internal organs had repositioned themselves (all munched over to one side & way down in my pelvis, putting a great deal of pressure on my bladder). She gently put them back where they’re supposed to be, & I could feel the difference myself; where there had been a mound of solid tissue in my lower abdomen moments before, was now flat (bonus!).
Skeptical, I asked whether as soon as I stood, would everything just slide back to where it was, but Eva said that since we had healed the emotional cause, they would remain in the right place. After 6 weeks, this is still true. I have dramatically less bladder urgency, I can make it through the night without getting up to pee, & have even jumped on the trampoline without any accidents.
As for my anger issues, I find myself significantly more level-headed, & although I still lose my temper at times, I don’t fly off the handle at the slightest annoyance anymore. Apparently, this was a defence mechanism I had developed as a result of that event when I was 14 that sculpted how I dealt with stress ever since. I believe there’s more work to do with this part, & look forward to exploring it.
I would encourage anyone, with any kind of pain or discomfort to seek help from Eva; her knowledge & abilities are truly amazing. But be prepared to work for your results! Wading through emotional history is downright painful, & you really need to be ready for it. Eva makes the process feel safe, comfortable, & even exhilarating. Give her a try, you won’t be sorry!

Kendra Stahl, RMT
Where to start!?! We spent 9.5 hours in the ER the week before. My daughter is 22 months old, she was screaming everytime she went pee. The doctors took a urine test, blood test and everything came back negative, they sent me home with no answers. I brought her to Eva Rose to check her out. First Eva said her hips weren’t aligned, which I kinda figured by how she had been running, so she realigned them. Then Eva Rose was touching and feeling her stomach. Her tummy was hard and super backed up with BM. (my daughter has been pooping deer like BM for like a year) Eva said her large bowel had prolapsed onto her bladder. Which would be the cause of the bladder pain the week before. She massaged and moved avens large intestine back up to above her belly button where it should be. When we were at ER the doctor didn’t even feel her stomach, I told them about her BM’s and they didn’t seem to care.
After the appointment, my daughter napped then took the biggest BM she has ever taken in her life. Then two more after that. Since then she has soft BMS and is having no problems. Eva Rose also gave her probiotics to take for 4 weeks to put that good bacteria back in her stomach. She also provided great alternatives for healthier snack options and lots of great healthy eating ideas.
Since then, it’s like I have a whole new child. She’s not as frustrated with everything and screaming all the time about pain I had no idea about. She’s so much happier and is liking to play with other kids!! Her stomach has changed shape now and looks proper. She’s also running perfect! Other people have also noticed the difference. Friends and family are also seeing this whole new happy Child. Eva Rose changed our lives. I strongly recommend her to anyone and everyone dealing with pain, or problems that doctors seem to over look. She’s very approachable, kind, caring and knowledgeable. Thank you Eva Rose.
 Before going to Eva my right arm was in a sling due to the fact I could not lift my arm off my body because I was having terrible pain in my shoulder.
After my appointment with Eva I was able to move my arm as normal with NO pain at all. This has been a couple of years already.
I have gone many more times when I have put something out , such as my hips, back etc. every time my results have been amazing.
Eva is gentle, caring, understanding and in this day and age that is hard to come by. I do recommend Eva, You will not be disappointed.
If all else fails try body balancing. OR don’t wait till all else fails.
Jackie Martindale
I have been to Eva for a few problems with excellent results. The biggest problem was a recurring one that had me deal with several doctors and a specialist. Not one had any idea of what was causing the issue. I was prescribed several medications that did not work. My doctor’s final solution was to treat with painkillers whenever the flare up happened. I went to Eva and within 3 months I was 95% better and 6 months later problem free. Eva is absolutely amazing.